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Going to Mt. Snow in Vermont. Stay at the Gray Ghost Inn

290 Route 100
West Dover, Vermont 05356






















































































































































































2020 Winter Events & Activities

You can view the fun events and activities of the 2019 Summer by Clicking (HERE)

The beginning of the 2019 - 2020 ski season established a new record for the earliest opening of the Mountain Creek Ski Resort by hosting skiing on Saturday, November 16th however the season ended early limiting the number of days on snow.  The results are below.

Ski Season Hidden Valley
now NWAC*
Mountain Creek Away from the Mountain Creek Mt Peter Total Days on Snow
2019-2020 0 92

1 Belleayre Mt Opening 1 BigSnow Opening

5 99
2018-2019 0 112 2 Mt. Snow Vernmont 0 114**
2017-2018 0 100 2 Mt. Snow Vermont 0 102
2016-2017 0 86  3 Waterville Valley 3 92
2015-2016 1 61 0 0 62 (ugh)
2014-2015 0 104 1 Belleayre 0 105
2013-2014 0 100 1 Camelback 0 101
2012-2013 0 85 5 0 90
2011-2012 61 8 10 0 79
2010-2011 75 9 13 0 97
2009-2010 85 3 8 0 96

*  Hidden Valley Club is now called The National Winter Activity Center & is closed to public skiing.  ** a new on snow record replacing the last by 9 days!

*  The COVID-10 pandemic required that Easter Sunday be celebrated in isolation.  However families got together via the Internet through a Zoom conference. 

Easter bunnies Buffy & John enjoy a Zoom conference with family

Family members participated in the Easter celebration via Zoom

John & Buffy in their Easter Bunny ears

Three of Buffy's knitted friends joined the Zoom family Easter conference

* Mountain Creek closed early on March 15th.  However Mt Peter remained open for another week giving Buffy & John an opportunity to enjoy 5 more days on snow and make some new friends at Mt. Peter.

Following the closing of Mt. Creek Buffy & John enjoyed 5 extra days skiing at Mt. Peter

*  All of the die-hards were on hand for Buffy & John's last day of skiing at Mountain Creek and joined in to sing Happy Birthday ot Buffy on March 14th.  The season was celebrated by a party hosted by Ryan Brian and many of the local skiers.

*  St. Patrick's Day was celebrated by Buffy & John at home with a few pints of adult beverages and a delicious cornbeef dinner cooked by Chef Buffy! 

*  A few of John's ski buddies toasted him on his March 2nd birthday and John enjoyed a "skier cake" cooked by Buffy.  Both Buffy & John's birthdays were celebrated at Portofino's attended by sisters Peg and Anne and Daughter Denise and grandson Reilly.

*  The Adaptive Sports Program at Mountain Creek continues to grow under the guidance of the Board or Directors.  Buffy & John's ski buddy Nick Nick who inspired the startup of the program enjoyed another day on the slopes.


*  History was made with the opening of BigSnow at the American Dream Mall, the first indoor ski resort in America and Buffy and John were there photographing the event and writing a press release about this memorable event.

John, Joe Hession, Joe Hession Sr., Buffy ready to celebrate

John, Patrick Hession, Donna Weinbrecht, MC friends, and Buffy

John waves from the lift with Buffy and friend at BigSnow

Buffy with US Aki Team Champion Lindsey Von

*  Buffy & John enjoyed a fun Thanksgiving Dinner with friends and family at Buffy's sister Irene's in Saugerties, NY and headed west to Belleayre Mountain for the season opening.  It was a fun 2 days with more to come.

Buffy & John enjoy Thanksgiving at sister Irene's home with family

...and ski the next day at Belleayre with lift ops friend John

* Buffy participated in the record early opening of the Mountain Creek Resort on Saturday, November 16th by photographing and producing a newspaper article memorializing this historical achievement and enjoying some runs with friends on the Sugar Slope.  To view the web edition the article click HERE.

*  If you are thinking about Christmas gifts for your wife, John has published his 15th book "The Women's Guide to Learning to Play Golf for Fun!".  The book was written to provide women, wives, and girlfriends who may wish to join their friends, husbands, and boy friends for a fun round of golf.  The book details how to make learning to play golf easy and fun.  The book is available online at in paperback and eBook editions. 

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