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The Events of the Summer of 2019

This page is a summary of the fun activities that Buffy and John enjoyed and the friends they shared the events with during the summer of 2019.

(To view the fun events and activities of the 2019 Winter by Clicking HERE)

 * The 2019 golf season has come to an end and Buffy & John completed their annual competition on the golf course which is contested for bragging rights for low net against GHIN handicaps, match play, closest to the pin (for a beer) and low putts.  The chart below is the record tracking the competition for the 2019 golf season.  Although Buffy dominated the season long competition, John was able to win the end of season Buffy and John Invitational Golf Classic end of the year golf tournament. 

*  The Annual Buffy & John Invitational Golf Classic was played on Monday, October 21st 2019 at the Ballyowen Golf Club and witnessed by friends Mike and Julia Answini.  The competition was tight and remained undecided until the 16th hole.  At the end of play John was able to capture the Low Net win by just 1 stroke, win the Match Play title 5 to 3 and Low Putts with 35 to 40 putts.  Buffy dominated in the Closest to the Pin category by hitting her tee shots closest to the pin on 3 holes with John closest to the pin on just 1 hole.  A celebration was held in Owen's Pub following play.

John is the 2019 Buffy & John Invitational Champ

The 2019 Buffy & John Invitational Scorecard

John celebrates his win with Buffy and friends Julia and Mike

*  Another beautiful fall day was celebrated at the Ballyowen Golf Club by Buffy and John with new friends Jerry and Annie from Wall Township New Jersey.  Buffy focused on the last two holes to take the low net and match play win.  Her 2 closest to the ins beat John's 1, but John was able to win low putts.  It was another rotten day in Heaven with a celebration at the 19th hole, Owen's Pub.

Jerry, Annie, Buffy & John enjoy a round of golf at beautiful Ballyowen Golf Club 

Buffy  and a friendly turtle on the 10th hole at Ballyowen Golf Club

*  Buffy and John continue to celebrate the beautiful fall weather with a visit to their friends Mickie and Al Lees at NJ Paddle Board and then a stop at Emerald Point on Greenwood Lake to enjoy another rotten day in heaven with friends.  The photo below captures the fun.

Buffy and John celebrating another beautiful day with biker, ski buddies and partiers at Emerald Point on Greenwood Lake New York

*  Buffy and John celebrated Columbus Day Monday by visiting one of their fun spots on Greenwood Lake called Emerald Point.  Friend Kim took the photo below of Buffy and John at the bar overlooking the lake.  Another rotten day in heaven.

Buffy and John enjoy Columbus Day Monday at Emerald Point at Greenwood Lake

*  The 20+ Columbus Day Golf Classic was played over the Columbus Day weekend at Christman's Golf Club on Saturday and  Thunderhart Golf Club on Sunday.  The event is special because of opportunity to share a great weekend with friends and the Fall Colors are usually at their peek.  This year John won the prize for low net and Buffy won long drive.

Columbus Day Classic Golfers on the 18th green at Christman's Golf Club

John gets his name on the Columbus Day Classic Trophy

The golfers toast a great weekend at the 19th hole of Thunderhart GC

*   As the golf season winds down, Buffy & John enjoy another rotten day in heaven on the golf course with their golf buddy Pete.  They encountered a porcupine on the par 3 7th hole.  Pete won the match, John won (finally) his match against Buffy.

John & Buffy with their buddy Pete on the par 314th hole

A friendly porcupine was sited on the par 37th hole at Wild Turkey

*  October 2nd will be remembered for summer like 85 degree weather and the reunion of Buffy and John with Harry and Rob, friends that met a year ago in the Owen's Pub at the Ballyowen Golf Club.  The foursome enjoyed a round of golf and socializing in Owen's Pub and viewing a beautiful rainbow that came after a brief rain shower after golf.  It was a "Poppa Lou Day".

Buffy, John, Bartender friend Jack with Rob & Harry celebrate a fun round of golf

Buffy, John. Harry & Rob were treated to a rainbow over the back 9 at the Ballyowen GC

Buffy & John competed in the Hickory & Scotch Tournament at Ballyowen Golf Club on Wednesday September 25th folowing a scramble format and requiring golfers to play the 11th par 3 hole using vintage 1929 era hickory sticks golf clubs.  Buffy was the only one on our team to hit her tee shot on the green. To view more photos of this fun event on Golf Event Facebook click on the album "2019 GlenLivet Hickory & Scotch Golf Tournament - Ballyowen GC."

Buffy & John with Team Mates Dave & Doc and CS friend Joe

Buffy hits her tee shot using a vintage 1928 hickory stick.  She got on the green

*  Buffy and John enjoyed a round of golf on Monday, September 23rd playing the beautiful Crystal Springs Golf Course with new friends Rich and Lorie.  The photos below were taken at NJ's #1 most beautiful par 3 golf hole, the par 2 11th at Crystal Springs.

Buffy & John on the 11th par 3 tee at Crystal Springs GC

Buffy & john with Rich & Lorie on the 11th hole green at Crystal Springs GC

Buffy and John are enjoying the last days of summer playing golf and visiting some of their favorite after golf après golf locations.  ONe of their favorite spots is the Jefferson House on Lake Hopatcong overlooking the lake, listening to a band and socializing with friends.  On Sunday, September 25th it was the Jefferson House.  The day was perfect, the snacks were good and the adult beverages were cold.  The photo below was taken by new fiend Irene Duncan.


Buffy & John enjoying an after golf adult beverage (or 2) at the Jefferson House at Lake Hopatcong

*  Buffy and John celebrated their 36th Wedding Anniversary as is tradition by playing golf at the Ballyowen Golf Club followed by a drink at Owen's Pub with bartender friend Jack and Katie.  They capped off the celebration with a dinner at Milano's with ski buddies Bonnie and Rich who were married on the same weekend in September.

Buffy and John with Golf Cart friend Nick at Ballyowen Golf Club

Jack and Katie on the deck at Owen's Pub - Ballyowen GC

John &Buffy with ski buddies Rich  & Bonnie Calack and Milano's Manager

*  As is tradition Buffy's family and friends gathered at the Blue Mountain School ball field for the annual Labor Day softball game featuring star pitchers Mickey Parsons and Bob Howe.  In addition the annual photograph of the gathering of family and friends was taken followed by a party at the home of Buffy's sister Irene.

The annual photograph of the family and friends at the ball field

Ed, "Thor" Farley, John and Terrence enjoy another rotten day in heaven Labor Day at the ball field

* We celebrated little sister Anne's birthday on August 22nd at our regular birthday celebration restaurant, Portofino's with host owner Mendi Asani.  Joining us were sister Peg, Anne's son Scott, Jackie and their sons Nolan and Brodie.

Left to Right: Nolan, Peg, Nolin, Jackie, Scott, Birthday Girl Anne, Buffy, John & Mendi Asani

* Buffy & John celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the Woodstock Music Festival by attending the Warwick Summer Concert Series "1 Night of Peace & Music".  It brought back great memories of Woodstock as captured in John's book "The Woodstock 94 Story" which is available in eBook and hardcover formats on

Buffy & friend Barbara Hellwig rock at Warwick Woodstock

* Buffy and John played in and photographed the Thursday 9 n Dine Golf Tournament at Ballyowen Golf Club with friends Derik and Cathy.  The sunset was better than the golf but it was a fun night on a beautiful golf course with friends.

* Buffy and John played in the 2nd Crystal Cup Qualifier.  John won closest to the pin and after the party met friends Bonnie and Rich to celebrate Bonnie's birthday on the deck in back of the Grande Cascades Hotel at Crystal Springs.  It was fun!

John with Crystal Springs' Adam Donlin receiving close to pin

Buffy & John with Bonnie and Rich celebrating Bonnie's birthday

* Buffy & John celebrated the birth of America on July 4th with a quiet day at home with a classic 4th of July hot dog dinner on the deck after toasting America and saying "Thanks to God for all our Blessings".

* The 25th playing of the Hidden Valley Closed Golf Classic was held on Saturday, May 4th at the Hidden Acres Golf Course with a celebration party at the Flat Brook Tap House.  Friends gathered to have fun, enjoy a friendly round of golf, partake in a few adult beverages and pizza, enjoy the music of Jimbo Paulovich and veiw a photo slide show "The 25 Year History of the Hidden Valley Closed Golf Classic".  The determination of the 2019 winner came down to the last shot on the 18th hole.  Buffy hit her tee shot within 10 feet of the hole and needed to sink the put to card a 1 under par 69 just one stroke better than the second place team.  Buffy also won longest drive for women.

Team Whiting takes the win at the 2019 25th Hidden Valley Closed Golf Classic

John is happy to present Buffy with the Women's Longest Drive Trophy

* John wrote a book to encourage more women to learn to play golf entitled "The Women's Guide to Learning to Play Golf for Fun!"  The book is available online from Barnes & Nobel, and  Get your wife or girlfriend out on the golf course and have fun.  Click on the book image below to visit a book sales site.

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